Daily Health Tips: Why Are My Eyes Dull And Bloodshot?


Q: Good day Dr Ketch, please i just want to ask a quick question. What can i do to get the white (sclera) part of my eyes really white and healthy? I eat healthy and drink fluids and have no underlying health issues yet I have dull looking eyes with red vein. Please is there a drug or good eye drop apart from V-s–e? I can use or is it advisable to go for an eye wash? Please your help is needed. Thanks…More blessing DR. You are wonderful

A: Thanks for writing in.

Dull looking eyes redness may be due to tiredness. As people get older, the whites of their eyes (sclera) also turn brownish due to years of exposure to wind, dust and the sun. Tiredness? That can also lead you here 😀

A red eye can give you cause for serious concern especially if it happens when you…

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