Daily Health Tips: Is It Safe To Take Aspirin Every Day?


Q: Please Doc, is it good to taking Vasoprin every day is it good or does it have any side effects?
A: Fantastic question. Vasoprin is a brand of Aspirin. It is a good idea for some people but not for others.
This drug belongs to the group of drugs called Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. They have a couple of functions: pain relief, fever relief and reduction of inflammation (this is what happens when you have an injury and notice swelling, pain, redness etc). They also have an additional function. Usually, when you have an injury, there is bleeding. The body produces platelets which form a plug on the vessel preventing further bleeding. Aspirin affects the ability of these ‘clotting’ cells to clump together, preventing the formation of clots. In people who have fatty deposits in their vessels, blood flow usually slows making it possible for a blood clot to…

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