Daily Health Tips: How Can I Clear My Throat?


Q: Hi Doc. How are you doing ma’am? I am one of your addicted fans both on DSTV Africa Magic English Channel 155 and on this medium, facebook. Kudos to you for the nice job you are doing. More power to you. I want to ask what I can use to make my throat clear very well. I’m a reciter of the glorious Qur’an. And as a reciter, the voice should be clear always. Because of that, I do away with cold water or drinks. I drink warm water always. I do take Tom-Tom and other types of sweets for clearing of the throat. I’ve taken Strepsil before, but it hasn’t helped much…especially this time of harmattan period. What can I use for the clearing of my throat???? My voice is cleared. Nothing happens to my voice. Just the “kelebe” as Yorubas call it…I can’t remember the English name for…

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