It’s Christmas Morning!

Eemember that COVID-19 is real. Even though we now have vaccines, it may still be a while before we all get vaccinated. Wear your masks (covering your nose and mouth), wash your hands often and sanitize them when you can’t, keep your hands off your face and avoid public gatherings.


Merry Christmas, family! It’s a magical morning. Just imagine…thousands of years ago, a king was born who made the difference and continues to make a difference in our lives! What a blessing!
As you go about doing all the things we love to do on festive days like cooking, visiting, partying etc, don’t forget to spend some minutes reflecting on the real and true reason for the season. Don’t forget, if you have children, to remind them that Christmas is really more than the presents they may get. Remember to spend quality time with those who matter the most…quiet time, just savoring and enjoying the moment.
I love you all and wish you the best Christmas you’ve ever had, filled with joy, happiness, peace and of course, wellness 😉 🙂 You all continue to make me a better person and doctor!
May God grant your deepest and…

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