Daily Health Tips: Does Masturbation Affect Fertility


Q: Hi Doc, please I want to know if it’s possible for a man masturbating to produce offspring.
More so, I want to know, if after a year of masturbating one can stop it? Can the man still have the chance of producing fertility or offspring? I hope to hear from you soon, Dr Ketch. Thanks

A: Thanks for writing in. There are different bodies of research that say different things about the ability of one who masturbates frequently to have babies. Some research suggests abstaining from ejaculation for at least, 2 or 3 days before sexual intercourse promotes a man’s chances of having the optimal sperm quality. Another body of research, however, points to the fact that provided a man has good sperm quality, it does not matter how often he ejaculates…the sperm concentration and motility will still be optimal.

Can you stop masturbating? Of course, you can. Excessive…

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