Daily Health Tips: World Diabetes Day


Today is World Diabetes Day.

The theme for this year is ‘Eyes on Diabetes’. It focuses on promoting screening such that Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus can be discovered early and treatment to reduce the risk of having complications. The International Diabetes Federation states that one in two adults with Diabetes remain undiagnosed. This is worrisome.

Diabetes used to be a disease for older people but with increasing physical inactivity of children and poor diet, there is an increasing trend of type 2 Diabetes in children. This number is expected to continue rising until 2040 when it is believed that the number of cases of Diabetes in Africa will double.

So, get screened today for Diabetes Mellitus!

Find below, an old post I had made on Diabetes:

Usually starchy foods we eat are converted to glucose. The body, in response to the presence of glucose in the blood, releases insulin from…

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