#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: How Can I Store Expressed Breast Milk?


To conclude World Breastfeeding Week, I revisit another
breastfeeding question

Q: How can I store expressed breast milk?

A: Expressed
breast milk has to be handled in a very hygienic way. It is important that it
does not form the means by which germs find their way into your baby’s body so
utmost care must be taken.

What should you
do? I reproduce a post I had made on this a while back;

To express milk
for your baby, first, you have to be committed to be hygienic because you don’t
want to introduce germs into your baby, do you? Always scrub your hands with
soap and water whether you are using the breast pump or your hands.

Having expressed
the milk, when stored at room temperature, be sure to use up the milk within 6

When stored in the
• Ensure that the temperature in the refrigerator…

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