#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Teething Child with Fever!


Q: I have a one year old child who is now teething and he has high temperature on his head. I have been giving him Calpol syrup since yesterday. He was better but this morning it started again what should I do Doctor??

A: It is thought
that the inflammation of the gum around the area where the tooth will erupt
from may cause low grade fever which is why the babies may experience some

Another significant symptom believed to be associated with
teething is diarrhoea. There’s no conclusive research that has shown any link
between the process of erupting a tooth and diarrhoea. If anything, we’ve found
out that this is the same period when children start picking up things and of course
the natural ‘tourist’ destination for anything they pick up, is their
mouths!:DWhat happens? When they pick up dirty stuff and suck on
it, it would ultimately…

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