Daily Health Tips: Belching And Hiccups


Q: Dr. thank you for all the medical and health advice.  Please I have hiccups or belching constantly such that my chest pains me most of the time.  I have received so many treatments, done Echo test, MCR, several scan and X-ray, ECG etc that the Dr. advised me not to do or take more medications for that as I have taken so much over the years. Now I notice that if I keep away from food or heavy food, I feel better but I am leaning and feel tired because of hunger. What else should I do? Thank you.

A: Belching and hiccups are actually quite alike in terms of causes.

Belching is your body’s way of getting rid of excess gas.

‘Excess gas’ is produced in the body when we swallow it or when our body produces it as a result of what we have eaten. This is usually caused by the…

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