#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: The Effects Of Nocturnal Emissions


Q: Hi Dr. Ketch Have a nice day. I’m from Philippines 18 y.o, I just wanted to ask about the effects of wet dreams in our health? Is this having a negative effect? How I can prevent wet dream because every time I sleep, I also experience wet dream

A: In young men going through puberty, wet dreams (also called nocturnal emissions) may occur as the body starts producing testosterone. This presents as ejaculation during sleep leading to wet PJs and embarrassment when the gentlemen wake up. Note that not every teenage boy goes through this experience though most guys will experience it at some point during puberty and sometimes as adults, too. As men grow older though, this phenomenon happens less.

Wet dreams are a normal part of growing up and cannot be controlled – you really cannot stop them from happening. Hopefully as you get older, they will…

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