Daddy or Father…which are you?


It was Fathers’ day on Sunday and people rolled out the drums to celebrate  fathers, dead or alive. Mine unfortunately is dead…but the memories linger on (sigh!)

Methinks it was also a time for sober reflection. Am I a father or a daddy? Now before I start with my definitions, let me quickly issue the disclaimer that the definitions I am about to give probably do not exist in any other dictionary available as at today or planned for the future, except ‘the Dr Ketch book of stuff and things’ (copyright reserved :D). There! That’s done. On to the business of the day!

As I was going to say, a father is…well, one who fathers a child. In other words he provides the counterpart chromosome for a baby to be made. A bit like counterpart funding for a project :D. This doesn’t require much in terms of time, emotion, focus…

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