#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Did Her Diaper Cause This?


Q: Good Evening Doc, Pls am a bit
worried. My daughter of a week and six days is having rashes on her vagina wall.
I don’t know if is the diaper that caused it. Please assist on what to do.

A: Congratulations
on your new baby and don’t worry, motherhood just looks/feels harder than it
really is. In a few months now, you’ll be dispensing motherly advice to other
new mums:D

Diaper rashes are common in babies and they could happen on the
butt or anywhere around the area including the lips of the vagina as you have
observed. The causes include
• Prolonged contact with urine or stool
• Diapers that are too tight
• Harsh detergents, soaps
• Baby wipes.
• Sensitivity

Prevention essentially focuses on the causes. So,
• Change your baby’s diaper as soon as you realize it’s wet or soiled
• Be sure to buy…

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