Daily Health Tips: When Should I Start Brushing My Baby’s Teeth And Potty Training?


Q: Well done Dr. May the good Lord reward you. Please, when can I start brushing my baby’s teeth? Please, tell me the right toothpaste to use. Secondly, when can I start potty training? Let me know when you post it. Thanks

A: Taking care of your baby’s mouth/teeth starts from birth. Yes…even before the teeth actually erupt. Be sure to clean your baby’s mouth with a clean, wet flannel wrapped around your finger at least twice a day. As soon as the first tooth erupts, teeth brushing starts in earnest. Brush your baby’s teeth (yes…even if they are only two) with a tiny amount of a tooth paste that does not have fluoride. The reason for this is that swallowing excessive amounts of fluoride can lead to disease conditions in children including the development of whitish patches on teeth. The use of non-fluoride tooth paste should continue until your…

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