Daily Health Tips: Why Are My Breasts Swollen After My Stillbirth?


Q: Please Doc, I need to make a complaint. I gave birth to a dead child last two days and I’ve been having problem with my breast because it’s swollen and it gave me a lot of cold and headache. Please Doc, what can I do?
A: Condolences on your loss! I cannot imagine what you are going through. Please make out time to mourn your baby and then as soon as you can, open up your heart to the possibilities in your future. I hope you are surrounded by loving supportive family and friends. Hugs 🙂
Now, for stopping milk production:
In the good old days, mothers would tell their daughters to tie a wrapper tightly across their breasts. This helps. In fact, I believe that this is still being done by lots of people. If you’re more jet age, though wear a firm supportive bra, night…

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