Daily Health Tips: Why Are My Breasts Swollen After My Stillbirth?

Q: Please Doc, I need to make a complaint. I gave birth to a dead child last two days and I’ve been having problem with my breast because it’s swollen and it gave me a lot of cold and headache. Please Doc, what can I do?
A: Condolences on your loss! I cannot imagine what you are going through. Please make out time to mourn your baby and then as soon as you can, open up your heart to the possibilities in your future. I hope you are surrounded by loving supportive family and friends. Hugs 🙂
Now, for stopping milk production:
In the good old days, mothers would tell their daughters to tie a wrapper tightly across their breasts. This helps. In fact, I believe that this is still being done by lots of people. If you’re more jet age, though wear a firm supportive bra, night and day.
For the pain, take analgesics and also apply cold packs to your breasts. These cold packs can be packs of frozen veggies or even cold cabbage leaves. For the latter, wash the cabbage leaves and put them in the fridge. Remove the areas that have big veins as they may hurt your tender breasts. Put this cold cabbage leaves in your bra and change to another set of cold ones every 2 hours or when the cabbage leaves feel limp.
Try not to stimulate the nipples during this period. Use a breast pad to prevent leakages.
If you find that your breasts still fill up, then express some breast milk. Express until you fill comfortable…not until you empty out the breast.
Keep hydrated and try to lie on your back or your side when sleeping.
Now, I’m a bit worried about the fact that it sounds like you’re feeling feverish. If that is so, if may be that there is an infection of a breast duct (mastitis) such that the skin over that area feels hot to touch, reddens, mum feels feverish, ill and aches all over. This infection is usually treated with a course of antibiotics, which will be prescribed by your doctor.
I suggest you see your doctor as soon as possible.
Your baby will always have a special place in your heart. And you will yet smile….very soon.
Loads of hugs…
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