#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Bending Down In Pregnancy


Q: Good afternoon ma’am. Please ma’am, I am 12 weeks pregnant and I mistakenly ate something prepared with potash. I am scare though I only ate a small quantity. I bend down to sweep, is it also dangerous?
A: Hi dear, congratulations on your pregnancy.
Well, if you’ve taken the potash already, nothing to be gained by worrying about it. Where in doubt, please see your doctor.
Bending is okay in pregnancy but it has to be done the proper way…bending at the knees and not twisting your body while at it I suggest that you use the long-handled brushes for sweeping as opposed to the local/native brooms that require bending…in probably uncomfortable ways.
Pregnant women get lots of advice: from friends, mothers, mothers-in-law, colleagues, husbands etc. Sometimes it’s confusing to know what’s true and what’s not.
Here’s our take on some of them:

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