Daily Health Tips: Why Is My Vision Cloudy?


Q: Hi Dr Ketch. I’ve been having eye problems for four years. Last year, I began having cloudy eyes and an ER doctor gave me something to rub around my eyes with good result. This May, I went to an eye doctor who gave eye drops that were different from those I usually use as he thought I had an allergy to the other ones.
I have been having recurrent blurry eyes especially with my specs (eye glasses) off. Do you think it may be due to too much exposure to sun’s heat, light from TV and tech devices or anything I’m not aware of?

A: Cloudy vision is a situation in which objects appear milky and ‘veiled’. It is oftentimes used interchangeably with blurry eyes. Blurry, cloudy or even double vision can be seen in disease conditions like:
• Cataract: This is a cloudy area on the lens and…

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