Daily Health Tips: Constipation In A One-And-A-Half Year Old


Q: Hi doctor, my young brother is one year six months. He has not been to toilet for a week now. He doesn’t show any sign of sickness. Is this normal?

A: Not having moved bowel for about a week is definitely constipation at this age. Causes of this include diet (if a child is not getting enough fruits and veggies or getting too much milk), if a child is not getting enough activity, if the child is worried about potty training and so prefers to hold it in rather than bring it out 😀 and dehydration (not getting enough water. Underlying medical problems may also be other causes of constipation.

To prevent constipation:

Ensure that your baby has sufficient fruits and veggies in his/her diet. From the point of weaning from exclusive breast feeding, be sure to start introducing fruits and veggies.
Stay within the recommended limits of milk…

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