Daily Health Tips: First Time Mother (FTM)!


Q: Good morning Dr. My husband told me about this page that I could share with you what I am experiencing. I got married Nov 19 this year and I missed my period this month so I went for test showing that I am pregnant. Lately I have been having morning sickness: vomiting, constipation, cramps and feeling dizzy sometimes. I have been unable to eat after cooking myself as I have nobody around helping out and whenever I eat I vomit. I am looking lean because I have not been eating well and I am not comfortable. The only thing I feed on comfortably without vomiting is pap. What can I do? And lastly I have not been sleeping well recently. It’s my first time. Please help me. I am very far from my relatives who can help
A: Pregnancy is a very interesting condition, I can tell you…being a…

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