Daily Health Tips: Storage Of Breast Milk Re-Visited


Dear family, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and wishes to me yesterday. You overwhelmed me with your love. I’m not sure how many of you got around to answering the question, ‘what are you thankful for?’ but I’m certainly thankful for the love I felt from all of you yesterday.

May your joy be full always!

And now to today’s question…

Q: How can I store expressed breast milk?

A: Expressed breast milk has to be handled in a very hygienic way. It is important that it does not form the means by which germs find their way into your baby’s body so utmost care must be taken.

What should you do? I reproduce a post I had made on this a while back;

To express milk for your baby, first, you have to be committed to be hygienic because you don’t want to introduce germs into…

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