#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Fungal Infection In Pregnancy


And for part 2…

Q: Hello, doc. thanks so much for the educating info that u keep feeding us and responding to our inquiries, so much appreciated. Doctor my wife is having her first pregnancy and these first two months have proved to be hell for her. She also has a fungal infection in her privates. With this her condition what best medication can she use that will not affect the pregnancy. Thanks a bunch.

A: Hello dear, her doctor probably
diagnosed vaginal candidiasis. This occurs when the fungi which live normally
in the vagina overgrow and cause an infection. Usually, there is yeast (fungi)
in the vagina and they generally mind their own business until something comes
along to disturb the peace of the environment. This disturbance can be in the
form of abuse of antibiotics (which kills off the good bacteria that hold the
fungi at bay causing…

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