Daily Health Tips: My Husband Cheats. How Do I Prevent STIs?


Q: My husband is the “CHEAT” type who doesn’t care about the type of girl friend he goes to bed with. But on my side he deflowered me and I have never had any other man besides him. I have 2 children for him. How can I protect myself against STIs?

A: Wow! This is a tough question…especially in our traditional African society where the whole focus is on having women remain in their marital homes no matter what happens, whether you’re being beaten to death, getting ready to be infected by STIs or HIV etc.

Now, before anyone thinks of crucifying me, please note:
1) I’m a Christian
2) I love God and will do anything to ensure that each day I live to His glory 
3) I’m also a huge ‘respecter’ (is this even a real word?) of the marriage institution.
4) I also believe that marriage…

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