Daily Health Tips: Is Skimmed Milk Good While Pregnant and While Breastfeeding?


Q: Dr please, is skimmed milk good for pregnant and breastfeeding mums?

A: Skimmed milk is milk from which practically all the fat has been removed. Generally, skimmed milk is always a great idea. If you have been taking this before you got pregnant, it’s fine to continue doing so doing pregnancy. Remember that the dictum ‘eating for two’ is highly over-rated. You really don’t need significantly more than what you’ve been eating before pregnancy when you’re carrying a baby. All you need is an average of 12kg for the total period of your pregnancy… just a few grams over 1kg per month Click on this link to read my post on pregnancy weight gain www.chatwithdrketch.com/2013/12/02/daily-health-tips-eating-for-two/

The same goes for the breastfeeding period. If you had been taking skimmed milk prior to this time, by all means continue. However, be sure that you are getting your calories from other…

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