Daily Health Tips: My Baby Hates Fruits!


Q: Good afternoon, Dr. Can you please, help me with my children’s daily time table for eating because my five years old boy is looking very smallish in stature and he hates eating fruits.

A: I’m sure this resonates with a lot of people! But guess what? Your son is not the boss. You are! And your job is to ensure that he eats nourishing foods as opposed to all the sweets that he would love to.

Try blending the fruits and feeding him. If you’ve got a smoothie maker, use that. It’s fruit juice…only this time without the refined sugars. That’s one way of encouraging him to take fruits. You can cut up or mash bananas and add to his cereal for breakfast and milk, of course. Focus on complex carbohydrates like Ofada/brown/local rice, sweet potatoes, oats, whole wheat meals, beans etc. Make your beans delicious and if you’re…

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