Daily Health Tips:How Do I Improve Sleep While Breastfeeding?


Q: What also do I need to improve sleeping very well at night since I have a baby that sucks all night and day?

A: For those new mummies with children, this may be more wishful thinking as our bundles of joy have minds of their own😀. We just wish sometimes that we could explain nicely to them that we….well, just need to sleep now; regardless of how much they want to chat or cry (!) especially in the middle of the night! Well, here are some helpful tips that ensure a good night’s rest for mum and new baby
•    During nighttime feedings, keep lights low.  Night lights stop you and baby from coming fully awake and so you can go back to sleep after the feed…effortlessly.
•    Commit to sleep and make it a priority in your life.  The advice frequently given to new mothers to get some…

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