Daily Health Tips:How Do I Improve Sleep While Breastfeeding?

Q: What also do I need to improve sleeping very well at night since I have a baby that sucks all night and day?

A: For those new mummies with children, this may be more wishful thinking as our bundles of joy have minds of their own😀. We just wish sometimes that we could explain nicely to them that we….well, just need to sleep now; regardless of how much they want to chat or cry (!) especially in the middle of the night! Well, here are some helpful tips that ensure a good night’s rest for mum and new baby
•    During nighttime feedings, keep lights low.  Night lights stop you and baby from coming fully awake and so you can go back to sleep after the feed…effortlessly.
•    Commit to sleep and make it a priority in your life.  The advice frequently given to new mothers to get some sleep when the baby is asleep, may appear clichéd and ‘an old wives’ tale, but is useful.  Give yourself permission to let some things go and don’t feel the pressure to catch up on all your emails, text messages, house shores when he’s asleep.
•    Good sleep starts before you’re actually trying to fall sleep.  Ensure you start winding down your day early enough so you can get to sleep early at night. Ensure you’re not getting too wound up during the day and inhibiting your ability to sleep at night
•    Be intentional about sleep.  As a new mother, you’ve got so many things pulling at you: night time feeds, your other children, if you’ve got them, their homework, your husband etc. So ensure that your sleep equipment – pillows, mattress pad/topper and mattress – provide the right support and comfort. Get a good pillow and comfortable mattress…it’s a worthwhile expense
•    Be open to alternative remedies.  Create a personal spa at home: use aromatic oils at bath time and in your room. Lavendar has been found to be very helpful by some.

I hope this helps you and other new mums!

Have a good night, y’all 😀

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