Daily Health Tips: Sores And Rashes After Wearing My Sanitary Towel For 6 Hours!


Q: Hello Doc, I wore a pad for almost 6 hours. After I removed it, I developed itchy rashes. I scratched for days. I’ve now discovered sores and I don’t know which drugs to take. I even started suspecting my hubby of giving me STDs. Doc, it all happened fast. Please, help me Doc

A: Hallos! I love your narrative…the precise way you traced the story from where you believe it all started 😀

Wearing a sanitary towel for up to 6 hours is really going up to the very maximum limit of normal! Try to aim for every 3 to 4 hours. Indeed, if your flow is more than usual, you’ll probably need to change more often. When you wear your sanitary towel for a long time, the wetness provides a rich culture medium for bacteria and other organisms to breed. This situation is made worse by the fact…

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