#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: ‘Doc, Which Is The Best?’

Q: Doc, which is the best? Please,,,

A: This question in response to the post yesterday on side effects of the copper IUD, I assume, is referring to the best type of contraceptive. The question below which I answered a couple of years back, answers that question.

Q: Doctor, good evening sir. How is the family? Please Doc, is family planning good? I just heard someone saying it kills.

A: The answer to the first question is, yes, family planning is good. Remember that family planning means planning how many children to have and when to have them. Now, if you’re a catholic and you’re just deciding whether you want to stone me today or leave me to suffer that tomorrow 😀 remember, that the natural rhythm method advocated by the church is also a means of family planning. So, there you go 😀 More seriously, planning your births, gives the woman time to rest in between babies and recover fully from her last delivery before embarking on the ‘missionary’ journey again 😀 This ensures that this woman is alive to take care of her children. Another reason for spacing these births is also related to the economics of taking care of a large house full of children in these economic times.

Now, does family planning kill? I’ll answer it in this way. Every medicine is a potential toxin that can cause problems in the body. For instance, pain relief using the most common analgesics in our environment is risky because these drugs could cause significant medical side effects that can also lead to death. In that same way, family planning products can also produce side effects that could be fatal. However, these side effects are not the ‘rule’. Before the choice of family planning method is made by the client, the healthcare provider takes time to present the different methods available and advice on their side effects and benefits. Depending on the client’s medical history, the doctor will also state specific risks associated with any peculiar medical condition. This is all done to ensure that all risks have been accounted for and the client has chosen the method that will, hopefully, work best for her.

So, all things being equal, using contraception/birth control methods does not equal death 😀

Good night, guys. Sleep tight…don’t let the bed bugs bite 

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