Daily Health Tips: I’m Pregnant And Have Been Using Chloramphenicol. Is That Safe?

Q: Good morning Dr,please I am 34weeks pregnant and discovered I feel pain in my left ear. I did not go to my Dr but I am using Chloramphenicol (due to itching and I used cotton buds but I think I injured myself) will it affect me or my baby,help am scared. Should i go to my DR?

A: Chloramphenicol is an antibiotic which is usually used to treat various infections in the body. It slows down the growth of bacteria by preventing them from producing the proteins that they need to survive and multiply. It can be used in ear and eye infections etc
34 weeks? Wow! Steady on…you’re almost there!

Pregnancy is a very delicate time…a new life is forming within and the mother has to sustain this life by making all the right decisions. This does not include popping pills or taking un-prescribed medications at will. A significant number of drugs are not advised for use in pregnant or lactating mothers. If they are to be used, the focus is always on ensuring the benefits far outweigh the potential risks. Chloramphenicol eardrops may not necessarily be absorbed in sufficient quantities as to cause any problems for the mum or baby, but its use in pregnancy is not advocated because the drug crosses the placenta.


So, what to do? Discontinue this drug and whether pregnant or not, do not self medicate. That’s what doctors are there for!  Go to them for advice and/or treatment.


Have a good night, fab people 

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