Daily Health Tips: How Can I Get My Children To Take Fruits?


Q: Good afternoon Dr. I need your advice as regards what to do for kids that do not like fruits at all. Is there a more delicious way I can improvise the fruits or smoothies intake for kids of between 5 – 6 years of age?
A: Great question 😀 I never liked fruits myself as a child and even as an adult, I never got into the groove. Well, except for fruits like mangoes (I lived on this during my first and second pregnancies :D), apples and grapes. For the rest, I could not abide them until I discovered smoothies. The trick is to mix tart fruits with sweet ones so that you find the right balance. I absolutely got my son, who hated fruits like me to begin a love affair with them 😀
What fruits can your baby take? Practically, all types of fruits. If…

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