Daily Health Tips: How Can I Get My Children To Take Fruits?

Q: Good afternoon Dr. I need your advice as regards what to do for kids that do not like fruits at all. Is there a more delicious way I can improvise the fruits or smoothies intake for kids of between 5 – 6 years of age?
A: Great question 😀 I never liked fruits myself as a child and even as an adult, I never got into the groove. Well, except for fruits like mangoes (I lived on this during my first and second pregnancies :D), apples and grapes. For the rest, I could not abide them until I discovered smoothies. The trick is to mix tart fruits with sweet ones so that you find the right balance. I absolutely got my son, who hated fruits like me to begin a love affair with them 😀
What fruits can your baby take? Practically, all types of fruits. If you’re introducing fruits for the first time, start gradually. Blend the fruits into smoothies or add some to fruits, like mashed bananas to cereal. You can actually blend up some fruits with the re-constituted milk (powdered milk mixed with water) and serve your baby. Start small and increase amounts as baby tolerates.
Get some fruits in season. I love to use mangoes and/or bananas. If you’re going to use both, one small mango and one medium sized banana is sufficient for a long glass. Scoop out the pulp of the mango and then cut up the bananas. Add the fruits to a blender one measuring cup of yoghurt. If you don’t have a measuring cup, just estimate. Blend both. If you want it thick, don’t blend for too long. If you want it runny (like drinking yoghurt) then blend for longer.
Serve in a nice, long cup. If you like some crunch, you can sprinkle some unsalted nuts (almonds, cashew or even peanuts) or some whole grain, crunchy cereal on top.
If you don’t have a blender, you can mash up the fruits and add to the yoghurt. You will expect that the blend will not be so smooth and will have nice, delicious bits and lumps in it.
If you don’t have yoghurt or can’t make it immediately, you can replace the yoghurt with skimmed milk.
Yum, yum, yum!!!
Another delicious healthy milky/fruity snack you can make for your children is a milk popsicle. Even you will love it! Here’s how:
• You can juice some sweet oranges, or blend mangoes or any other fruit you like.
• Mix it with some milk
• Put it in fruity shaped ice moulds or even a regular ice tray that comes with most freezers or get a popsicle maker and pour it in with your popsicle stick in.
• Allow to freeze
• And….you’ve got the ideal sugar rush snack for your children.
Try it out and feel free to tinker with the recipe whichever way you want!
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