Daily Health Tips:Why Is My Baby’s Navel Big?


Q: Hello Doctor, thanks for being a source of medical education to most of us. Please, I would like to know if it is normal for a baby’s navel to get bigger. My boy is 7 weeks old and his Navel is getting bigger than it was after the normal birth treatment. My daughter presses it in my absence. Could it be the reason for it to get bigger almost by day? Again he stretches a lot…could that also be the reason? I’m just curious ma’am. Thanks for being there to lean on.

A: It does sound like your baby has an umbilical hernia. Don’t go shouting and screaming just yet! It’s probably not as horrible as it sounds. It looks all dramatic any time the baby cries and does appear to ‘swell up’ causing parents to panic. But, it usually closes up on its own by the time the…

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