#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Teething At Three Months

Q: Hi Doctor, is it possible for a 3 month-old baby to start teething?

A: Your baby is certainly in a hurry :D. Seriously though, babies start teething at different times. On the average, most children start teething at 6 months. Some start earlier than 4 months (as early as 2 months) and some others may wait up to a year or even after, to start the journey. Some children are even born with one or two teeth. These are called natal teeth and ‘No, this is not associated with witchcraft or enemies pressing remote controls’ as we like to think in Africa 😀 Some children also develop their own teeth within the first four weeks of life. These are called neonatal teeth. Natal and neonatal teeth can cause problems with feeding and may even be swallowed. The paediatric dentist will decide whether to remove them or leave them alone based on factors like whether the teeth are loose, excess etc.

Generally though, in instances like the one addressed in the question, provided the teeth do not negatively affect baby’s feeding, they are left well alone.

Have a fab evening 😀

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