#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Is Coffee Good While Breastfeeding?

Q: Hello Doctor, is coffee good while breast-feeding?

A: Coffee and other foods and drinks that contain caffeine should, definitely be avoided when breastfeeding as much as possible. Caffeine in coffee energy drinks, some soft drinks etc. This makes the baby irritable and by extension, makes sleep difficult for the baby.

Other foods to avoid or limit their consumption while breast-feeding:

Alcohol: This should be avoided at all costs.

Cigarette (yeah, yeah, I know it’s not food) should also be avoided as it reduces the production of breast milk.

If baby reacts to what the mother ate, efforts should be made to pinpoint what the mother ate before the incident started and then eliminating that from the diet to see if the diarrhea or allergy stops.

Make sure that you eat well: lots of fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Cut out the junk that will not help you achieve your weight loss goals and in addition have empty calories. In addition, drink sufficient fluids daily.

Be careful before taking any drug as most find their way into your baby.

Have a great night, everyone 😀

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