Daily Health Tips: How Can I Help My Left-Handed Daughter Use Her Right Hand?


Q: Good day Doc. Thanks so much for your medical lectures on facebook and on TV screen. God will continue to strengthen you. I am a first time mother I had my daughter last December. During the 1st trimester I was bleeding heavy but later stopped after medical consultation but I noticed my daughter is using only her left hand and holding the right hand so tight but if I force to open it and move it I found out nothing is wrong with it. My question is how can I help her to use the right hand too. Thanks ma’am as I await your response. God bless

A: It does sound like you assume the bleeding affected your daughter’s preference of what hand to use? If you think so, you’re wrong. No link.

Now, please be sure that there is really nothing wrong with your baby’s right hand. The…

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