Daily Health Tips: Can The 3 Months’ Contraceptive Injection Cause Infertility?


Q: Doc I’m on 3 months injection but the nurse told me to change to 2 months injection. Doc I want to know whether I can become infertile because I was on 3 months injection?

A: Hmmmm….

Thanks for writing in. The first advice I would give is that anytime you receive advice from a healthcare practitioner and you do not understand the meaning, implication(s) or long term consequence(s), please ask. You have a right to know. You NEED to know.

No, you will not become infertile by using the 3 months’ injection. That’s not a normal side effect of that injection J The two months’ injection may be suggested if you need it for a short period of time, perhaps, while waiting for a partner’s sterilization surgery or when being immunized for rubella. Maybe you mentioned this and she advised on that? The 3 months’ injection provides more long-term…

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