#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: 3:4:50

When you hear cancer, what vision is evoked in your mind? Death? The fact that people can beat this? The fact that it is possible for people to prevent this? What? Do you ever think that you have significant power in your hands to reduce your risk of this disease?
A study carried out in the US (San Diego) a couple of years ago showed that three lifestyle factors: smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise/activity led to 4 diseases: cancer, respiratory diseases (like asthma), heart disease and Diabetes/obesity. These diseases, in turn, were responsible for over 50% of deaths! A 3:4:50 relationship!!! Just think about that. Our lifestyle alone can significantly reduce our risk of diseases…this study made that aptly clear.

Focusing on cancer, what lifestyle changes can keep me safe?
• If you smoke, quit. If you don’t smoke, don’t start.
• Ensure that your home is smoke-free and try not to be close to even second-hand smoke.
• Eat healthy…more fruits and veggies. Lay off the processed foods.
• Get some exercise every day. At least 150 minutes per week.
• Reduce your alcohol intake.
• Get your children vaccinated for Hepatitis B and cervical cancer
• Get screened for cancer
• And guess what? Breastfeeding is protective against cancers…one more reason to ensure that your baby gets this all important goodness 😀

A pretty popular facebook post talks about how people with cancer just want to beat cancer…and that is so true. Today, you can join that fight by taking steps to ensure that you reduce your risk of ever having this disease.

Have a good night, people 😀

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