Pinkie Swear?

I wrote this post five years ago! It still has a lot of relevance. I repeat it today in honour of breast cancer awareness month, 2018


Remember how when we were younger, we would bet on things and to make it more authentic, make it a pinkie swear :D. Those were the days when we didn’t have too many issues to contend with…though it did seem like we had a lot on our plates then! So I smile when my children say, ‘mum, you can’t be more tired than we are; we had to go to school, do tests, then school work, then home work at home and then we still have some chores to do!. The world is certainly not fair’. How do I begin to explain to them that I have to go to work, then do grocery shopping on the way, school run, get dinner ready, supervise their homework, listen to them whine 🙂 and then still do some school work myself?!  Oh, whatever happened to, ‘the higher you go, the cooler it becomes’? Someone…

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