#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Helping Teenage Girls Through The Questions They Have

The adolescent period can be a very confusing one as young girls come to terms with the myriad of changes going on in their bodies. Depending on their relationship with their parents, they are either asking them a lot of questions or clamming up because they probably have received other information from other quarters. So parents, let’s be open and encourage our adolescents to ask us questions. Here are five questions you should be ready to answer for your teenage daughter about menstruation
• How come only girls have periods? Well, simply because a boy does not have a uterus…which is where the bleeding comes from. Explain that during puberty, changes occur in boys and girls in different ways. Give examples of changes that occur in boys like broadening of their chests, deepening of voices etc. For a girl, puberty is that time when lots of changes happen in the uterus like menses, which signifies that the girl in question can actually get pregnant and have a baby
• How long would I bleed during my period and how much blood do I lose during each period? There is no definite answer as this is different for each girl. Usually it would range from 3 days to 7 days (yes, a full week!). In the exact same way, the flow is also different for each girl and could even vary in the same girl from one menstrual period to another. It could be light, moderate or heavy
• Do girls have their periods for the rest of their lives? Good news! The answer is no! Around the age of 45 to 51, a woman stops having her period!
• Will I always have cramps with my period? Cramps usually occur as the uterus tries to get rid of the blood within it. This issue, appears sometimes to be more of an issue for some girls than the actual menstruation itself. They worry about whether they have to spend all their periods wallowing in misery. Well, for most girls, the first few years of starting their periods, they usually do not have cramps and when they eventually start showing up, they usually last for a few days. Some time-tested remedies include hot baths, hot water bottles and pain relief using over the counter drugs may be helpful. If the latter have to be taken, these should be started as soon as the cramps start or even as soon as period starts. Remember not to exceed recommended doses
• I worry that when I have my period, I will miss out on all the fun things happening around me. Not necessarily. The focus is on using the right sanitary towels, you can have as much fun as if you were not having a period and also stay dry. Not with the right sanitary towels. With Always sanitary towels, you can stay dry for a long time and enjoy all the activities that you usually love to engage in
Remember that periods are not death sentences. They represent a rite of passage and should actually be celebrated…yes you heard me. Other remedies you could try for those cramps if you do have them are lower back massages, avoiding foods high in caffeine and salt and lots of rest.
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