#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Is Snacking A Dirty Word?

Snacking at your desk while working? Most times when people think snacking, they think pastries and other ‘sinful’ snacks. Well, snacking doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Here are 5 healthy snacking tips:
• Snack on mixed nuts: Especially in the mid afternoon, this is a very effective pick-me-up that gives you a boost when your energy levels are waning. And they are also filled with heart healthy oils.
• Do not wait too long between meals. This will lead to sugar levels going too low, lead to cravings and makes you over-indulge when you do get to eat.
• Keep healthy snack options within reach in your frideg and snack cabinet. This would include lots of fruits. This makes it easier to be making the healthier choices when snacking.
• Drink water and often too. Sometimes, it is actually thirst that we feel and mis-read as hunger. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water a day and actually more if the weather is super hot.
• Chew slowly when you eat. The stomach needs about 15 minutes to get the signal that it is full. So don’t just inhale your food; rather, enjoy every mouthful and give your stomach the chance to report ‘I am full’.
What other healthy snacking tips do you have? Please share 😀
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