#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Diapering For A First Time Mum (FTM)

Did you find yourself feeling overwhelmed after you had your first baby with all the advice coming from different quarters…all of them struggling for supremacy? Let me help you along with some quick tips on how to diaper your baby. You can thank me later 😀

  1. Get the right diaper that fits your baby snugly around both the waist and around the legs to prevent leakage, but not be so tight that it leaves marks on the skin and the materials should not rub or irritate the baby’s skin. Avoid the really perfumed brands of diapers as they are very likely to cause irritations.
  2. We are all aware that we should wash our hands thoroughly after changing a diaper but, you should wash up beforehand too. You should try to keep your hands clean anytime you’ll be handling a baby, especially a newborn. Keep a hand sanitizer around the nappy changing area and in the diaper changing bag. Just give your hands a quick cleaning before the change. Always remember to wipe baby from front to back and of course, wash-up when you are done!
  3. Newborn poop is called meconium and it is black, sticky and hard to remove. After each diaper change, just slather some petroleum jelly on baby’s bottom. This keeps baby’s buttocks nice and clean from meconium. The next time baby poops, the poop will slide right off!
  4. If baby’s bottom is irritated, try rinsing it off with a slightly warm spray of water from the sink or shower instead of using baby wipes which can actually irritate their little butts even further. Always have a good supply of a diaper ointment on hand as it will work wonders and makes baby feel better every time! If your baby doesn’t like to have the ointment applied to their skin, or fusses when you put it on, try putting some right onto the diaper in a strategic location so it will connect with the irritated area once you close the diaper.
  5. Never leave your baby unattended on a changing table or any elevated surface where you are changing them, even if you are using the safety straps. Keep them safe and secure and let them know that their diaper changes are normal. Never tell a baby they are stinky or yucky. Having a negative attitude toward diaper changing can actually cause a baby to feel shame about their bodies and can hinder potty training, and I’m sure you like all parents, want your child potty-trained as soon as possible

Being a new mum can be daunting. But hey, you’ve got the most important ingredient needed to help your baby….love! I’ll help out with the rest!


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