#HLWDK What’s For Lunch?

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And now for that recipe…. We’ll start with the veggies: Pick your green leafy veggies and wash. I used ‘green’ (efo tete) here. Wash under running water or in water that has food safe disinfectant or salt. If you use the latter, be sure to rinse off before cutting. Cut the leaves. Put the leaves into a pot. Cut some onions into it and sprinkle some seasoning over this (a little pepper, salt). Place the pot over a low heat and wait for the veggies to soften/wilt. I like my veggies with some crunch and so depending on the quantity of veggies I have in the pot, 3 to 5 minutes is sufficient. And now the chicken: Wash and clean the chicken pieces. Trim off all fat. • Cut the chicken up along the joints • Pat dry with kitchen paper • Place in the pot • Season with spices to taste: ginger, thyme, salt, garlic, pepper/chili etc (If you can, season the chicken pieces a couple of hours ahead of time, place in a bowl and cover with cling film. Keep this in the fridge until ready for use. This makes the chicken extra tasty as the spices marinate the chicken properly) • Your chicken is now ready to be grilled. • If you don’t have a grill, place in the pot and set cooker heat to very low. Do not add water. • Cook the chicken on low heat while turning the chicken often to prevent burning • When the chicken is done, turn off the heat. Finally, the sauce: Cut up some tomatoes, pepper and onions. I like to use a lot of tomatoes (like 10 big, fresh tomatoes just for me ☺ Greed, aye?). Use as much or as few as you like. I also like to use a lot of pepper. Add about a teaspoon of oil. I usually use just a drop or so of Olive oil. You can use this or any good quality oil or you can actually do without the oil. Then add the tomatoes, pepper and onions. I cook until the raw tomato taste is gone. Add some ground crayfish (and/or flaked dry fish. This can also replace the chicken) and ugba, if you have it. Cook for about a minute more and you’re good!

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