How Do I Make My Home A Wellness Haven?


Is your home a haven? Is it somewhere you race to from work because it enhances and improves your wellness? Or is it somewhere you run away from because it is dirty? Or because your family members or even members of staff are ….well, to put it less than delicately, smelly? Perhaps because they don’t bath or even wash their clothes? Or because, toilets and kitchens smell nasty?

Here are five top tips to create the perfect home environment where wellness can thrive.

• Sweep and clean your house every day. For people who have bare floors, this is all too important. Ensure that the floors are scrubbed and cleaned every day; or if there is little traffic in your house during the week days, then at least once a week. Ensure that laundry is done frequently and dried properly. We don’t want to smell sweaty clothes, sheets or even…

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