Daily Health Tips: What To Do About My Son Who Swallowed ‘Agbalumo’ (Cherry) Seed

Q: I must commend the good works you are doing ma’am. God bless you. I asked a question on facebook sometimes last year but I didn’t get to see your response probably because maybe here is where you entertain question and then you post your answers on facebook. So may i ask another one bothering me? My son insisted on licking cherry (agbalumo in yoruba) with me yesterday. I made mistake of giving him with the seed and in seconds he had swallowed it. I asked for it and he said ‘its in my tummy’. I put my hand in his mouth nothing came. It had gone down the throat. He is just two years eight months. Please what can i do? Can he pass out in stool? Its almost 24hrs now and he is not showing any strange behaviour. Thanks

A: Thanks for writing in! And thanks for your kind words. Apologies for not responding to your earlier question. I get a lot of questions and it is really tasking to keep up with all. We are working on a platform for people who want a one-on-one to be able to book appointments and have that time dedicated to dealing with their issues. More information on that later.

Now to your question…

When we were younger, we were told not to swallow these seeds/pits or a tree of ‘whatever seed/pits you swallowed’ would grow on your head! It was quite effective and perhaps you should have tried same with your son! 😀 Just kidding…he wouldn’t even believe you anyway, They are much smarter than we were then 🙂 I also reckon that no strange behaviour is likely to manifest any time soon 😀

So, if it’s the one seed/pit that he swallowed, he will most likely pass it out in faeces.

However, please discourage him from swallowing these seeds/pits. Some of them contain poisonous substances that could cause harm if a lot of these pits are taken. Better safe than sorry.

If you still feel concerned, please see your child’s paediatrician.

Have a great weekend, everyone 😀

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