World AIDS Day 2016

Hello everyone! It’s December 1! Oh my! How the year has flown by! Filled with laughter and tears, ups and downs, sadness and happiness….but most of all, life! Yes! As the bible says, only the living can praise God. So, people, let’s praise God today….for the gift of life, for the gift of passing through it all and yet, still standing! Amazing!

For the last month, call those things that be not, as if they are! Don’t give up. There are still 30 more days of amazing grace left in the year. Don’t miss them by giving up too soon!

I smell Christmas in the air!

Today is World AIDS Day, a day set aside to create awareness or this diseases caused by the virus, HIV. This day has been set aside for AIDS since 1988. This year, the theme is Hands Up For HIV Prevention. This puts the emphasis on preventive strategies. Late last month, World Health Organization launched new guidelines for HIV self-testing to encourage countries to promote self-testing and empower individuals to self-test.
So, do you know your HIV status? Do you assume that because it appears the media is not continuously awash with news of the HIV/AIDS anymore that perhaps, it no longer exists?

A quick reminder class on HIV…

HIV-Human Immunodeficiency virus is a virus quite different from other viruses in its structure and how it attacks the cells of the body .It affects the CD4 cells in the body. These CD4 cells serve as the soldiers of the body, fighting and defending it from disease organisms. When HIV infects these cells the body loses its ability to defend itself so all kinds of diseases which ordinarily would have been taken care of now have the opportunity to affect the multiple systems of the body.

The initial symptoms of HIV are symptoms that can be seen also in other diseases, that means you can have similar symptoms in any other disease.

These include fever, flu like symptoms (cold, catarrh, cough), sweat, fatigue, diarrhea, aches and pains in the joints, headache, rashes and occasionally bleeding from the nose.

Other symptoms like oral thrush (whitish discoloration of the tongue), weight loss, chronic cough (cough lasting more than one month) and chronic diarrhea (passage of watery stools more than a month) come later in the course of the disease.

To prevent this, don’t forget the ABCs of safe sex: Abstaining from sex, if not married; Being faithful to one partner and using a condom, if engaging in risky sex (totally understanding that even this is not 100% safe).

For more on HIV/AIDS, please click on these links:

Have a good night, everyone 😀

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