Daily Health Tips: World AIDS Day, 2014

It is World AIDS Day and the media has been awash with news of different organizations doing different things to mark the day. This is all good! However, beyond today, how do we keep the message of bridging the gap in HIV/AIDS going? The gap in information…especially for HIV positive couples or even HIV discordant couples (couples in which one partner is HIV positive and the other is not)? The gap in prevention? The gap in treatment?

How many of us sit in judgement over people living in HIV/AIDS and indeed act like it could never happen to us? How many of us actively take a part in educating people about this disease and would openly speak out about discrimination, if we saw it happen? How many people have been put in charge of drugs used for treatment and yet move these drugs to personal pharmacies for sale there? Would you speak out if you saw this happen? Would you be tempted to do this, if you had access?

Questions and more questions!!! I hope we’ll all take a soul searching journey into what the fight against HIV/AIDS means and how we can continue to be involved beyond today.

For more on HIV/AIDS, please click on the links below:






Have a good evening, y’all 😀

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3 Responses to Daily Health Tips: World AIDS Day, 2014

  1. izegefrancis says:

    Love conquers all…
    We must love others as we love ourselves, but i find out some people dont love themselves! So i say to such folks, love others as u love God.
    Cos if we love we wont judge nor condemn rather we will help, support, share and never discriminate.
    When Love attracts individual gaps are closed.


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