Complan Saturday Nutrition Quiz

Nigeria is neck-deep in a recession. Groceries/food stuff are so expensive, it appears the prices increases by the day! What tips do you have for still eating healthy in the face of spiraling food prices?


Terms and conditions:
The first 3 persons to answer correctly will win our prizes.


Participants must be followers of our blog and/or facebook page.


Only one answer per participant will be accepted.


If a participant provides more than one answer, the first answer will be used.


Edited answers will be disqualified.


Editor’s decision is final.


This challenge lapses by 11.59 pm on Friday, the 3rd of December, 2016


So, what are you waiting for?! Best of luck, guys!


Congratulations to our winners for the 19th November quiz! I could only pick two! Let’s dig deeper people…Complan has amazing gifts waiting for those creative answers!


Chukwunonso Onochie (from

Onyii Anastesia Obi (from facebook)


Congratulations, guys!


Please send an email to for instructions on how to pick up your gifts.


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1 Response to Complan Saturday Nutrition Quiz

  1. Chike Akanisi says:

    Dr Ketch. The answer to the spiraling food prices is that we must eat right and have the required balance diet. To avoid malnutrition in this difficult times. It important to buy d quantity you can afford especially for the grains . I would also advocate for storage of grains at this period as we may experience price hike for grains next year. Now for the groceries, buy them and eat a lot of them. Prepare them well in the required nutrition the body needs. Eat spinach or green very well prepared with yam and red oil. Buy fresh tomatoes and make egg source for good meal with boiled yam too. Factory semo is now costly, the alternative is corn flour and cassava flour mixed to have food on the table. Make soup as rich as you can. Bitter leaf , Oha, Ugu can be planted at home for easy reach. Everybody warming in the absence of electricity supply will help. By and large nothing must change in your consumption but adjustment and reduction of wastage so as to eat and remain healthy.


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