New Mum? This Is For You!

Are you a new mum trying to figure out what it all means? What’s my baby saying when he whimpers, when he cries, when he screams (do you think, perhaps, someone pinched him?)…what does it all mean. It can be pretty overwhelming trying to make sense out of it all, I know

Let me help you out: Here are some signals babies could be giving out when they cry

Hunger: If your baby isn’t full after a feed, he would cry at the end of it and before the next one. Babies also don’t feel hungry at regular intervals and so there are days when he appears to need a feed more often and other days when he needs it infrequently. So, offer a feed if you’re not sure what signal he is giving out.

Needing to be held: We all worry about whether we will spoiling our babies if we carry them whenever they cry. Well, if your baby needs a cuddle and that’s why he is crying then you just need to carry him…and you won’t spoil him! A front carrying baby sling may be a good idea. Otherwise, Carrying or gently rocking your baby is also a good idea. Rocking is better than vigorously joggling him up and down, because this may prevent him from drifting off to sleep. I made this mistake several times with my first baby and kept wondering why she never seemed to fall asleep!

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