Daily Health Tips: Can Parents With AA And AS Genotypes Avoid Having A Baby With Sickle Cell Trait?

Q: Good evening doctor, please I want to know how parents with AA and AS genotype can avoid AS baby?
A: Thanks for writing in.
Parents with AA and AS genotype have a 75% chance of having children with AA genotype and 25% chance of having a child with AS genotype. People with this sort of genotype are said to have the sickle cell trait and they usually do not have symptoms of sickle cell disease. Please note that the chances noted here are mathematical probabilities and so it could very well be that none of this couple’s children would be AS or it could very well be that all or half of them could be AA!
It is possible to know the genotype of the baby before birth through prenatal diagnosis. Speak with your doctor about this.
For more on gentotypes, please click on this link:
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Have a good night, y’all 😀
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