Daily Health Tips: Can I Be Pregnant Without Having Symptoms?

Q: Please Doctor, can someone be pregnant without having early signs like morning sickness?
A: Well, there’s a TV show focused on women who put to bed and had no idea they were pregnant at all! 😀 They only realized they were pregnant just before putting to bed…labour pains will definitely provide a not-so-subtle hint 😀
Pregnancy symptoms are always present but may be masked or mild in some people and assumed to be something else in other people. For instance, if pregnancy occurs at the same time one is going through a stressful time, there may be an assumption that this is due to stress or even the flu. I put down my own symptoms of pregnancy (during my first) to malaria! This situation is even worse in women who have irregular periods and thus may not notice the absence of a period. In some cases, women bleed and also assume that this is normal menstruation throughout their pregnancy.
The only sure-fire way to prevent being notified that you are pregnant at the point of delivery (oftentimes in the toilet :D) is to know the symptoms of pregnancy. It is also important to know what’s not normal so that quick and effective steps can be taken to protect mother and baby.
Generally, symptoms of pregnancy include:
Breast tenderness
Discharge: A thin milky discharge is normal during pregnancy
Heart burn and Constipation
Frequency of urination
Food cravings and aversions
Morning sickness/nausea
So, if you do suspect that you are pregnant, get yourself tested with a home test kit or see your doctor so he/she can order a pregnancy test for you.
Have a good night, y’all 😀
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1 Response to Daily Health Tips: Can I Be Pregnant Without Having Symptoms?

  1. Lizzy says:

    Doctor pls can someone get pregnant when the person doesn’t enjoy sex with her husband but only pains since the day she got disflowered by her husband?


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